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The Most Sophisticated Barbie Ever, Uncovered

Mattel has finally upped the tech-game of the Barbie doll—enough for this male-dominated tech site to notice. Last February Mattel announced the Barbie Video Girl Doll, which is really a Barbie doll that doubles as a camcorder. Set for a July 2010 debut, the tiny camera built into the doll's faux necklace will supposedly allow little girls to see the world through Barbie's eyes.

Now the company has recently released x-ray photos of their new toy, showcasing the amount of technology integrated into this baby. Within the torso is all the hardware driving the camera; 256 MB of flash storage, and the tiny preview screen mounted on Barbie's back. The legs double as battery containers, with one AA battery in each extremity.

The Barbie Video Girl Doll will cost $50 when it comes out this July. Future users can take videos of their next tea party, and export the content through the doll's built-in USB port.

Barbie Video Girl Doll Gets an X-Ray