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Obama Says Presidential BlackBerry is ''No Fun''

U.S. President Barack Obama used his presidential influence to keep his BlackBerry phone with him even though previous presidents had to give up their personal device preferences and instead used special government designed, secure devices.

Obama still has his BlackBerry, but he revealed on the TV talk show 'The View' that his once favorite personal data device was now "no fun."

"I've got to admit, it's no fun because they think that it's probably going to be subject to the presidential records act, so nobody wants to send me the real juicy stuff," Obama said. "It's all very official. 'Mr. President, you have a meeting coming up and we'd like to brief you.'"

The reason for his BlackBerry boredom comes from a couple things. Only 10 people have his BlackBerry address and anything that goes through that device will be archived.

Obama still gets his free choice of what goes on his iPod, though, as he revealed that his playlist includes Jay-Z, Frank Sinatra, and Maria Callas.

He didn't, however, have any Justin Bieber, though he has met the teen and said of him, "He's a very nice young man."

(Source: AFP.)