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Portable Pandemic: Now 36 Products Including Notebooks!

Everything Combined in One Monster Article

As Mark Raby, Ed Tittel, Justin Korelc and Barry Gerber finished writing about the last 10 products in our Fall 2006 Back to School Buyers Guide, all of them were feeling more then a bit dingy. So, they decide that this, the third edition of MobilityGuru's Fall 2006 Back to School Buyers Guide, would include not only 10 brand new products, but also the 20 products we introduced in the two previous editions. And, if that's not enough, also included in this article is our how to guide "Buying a Notebook Computer for Less Than $700." And the six notebooks we identified in that guide.

Back to School Part 3 09/11/2006

Some of the new products we've hunted up for you this time include a cool WiFi signal finder, a watch with USB memory capability, a really nice Windows Media Center digital amplifier, a PC-less data mover, USB-based disco balls and clocks and a gizmo that makes using your laptop on your lap more comfortable.

The photos below show all of the other products waiting for you inside.

Back to School Part 2 09/06/2006

Back to School Part 1 08/21/2006

Back to School: How to Buy a Notebook Computer for Less Than $700 08/21/2006

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