Austria Hires 1600 Soldiers for 'Cyber' Security

If the report of the Austrian magazine News is correct, then the Austrian cyber defense will be one of the largest departments in the country's overall secret service.

A confidential paper the publication claims to have obtained states that the Austrian government does not anticipate conventional military attacks to be a significant threat in the future and is refocusing its defense to cyber security as a result.

Physical attacks on Austria are described as "unlikely" for the foreseeable time. The focus of the country's vulnerability is now on its IT infrastructure ("cyber crime" as well as "cyber attacks") and a general abuse of the Internet to transport extremist views and facilitate illegal activity. There was no information about the proposed timeline of this plan, but it is surely interesting to see how governments are changing and how they are evaluating threats to their national security.

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  • Zooman580
    "governments are changing and how they are evaluating threats to their national security"

    one day the equivalent of SEAL team six will be overweight guys in a dark room filled with computers
  • mister g
    Probably not as the military has and always will be needed at some point in time. There's always war, it's just that there might not be many on the physical battlefield as those on the electronic one.
  • molo9000
    Well.... It was a failed Austrian painter who was responsible for world war 2.... be afraid! be very afraid!