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Whoops! I Bought These Trusty Earbuds Before Black Friday. Now They’re on Sale.

Don’t be like me. Last month, I bought a pair of wireless earbuds on the strength of words by Caitlin McGarry, our senior writer covering fitness gear, and now they’re on sale for Black Friday. 

Editors' Note:The discount that pushed the $30 Aukey Latitude earbuds to 18 bucks has expired! But it looks like Amazon's still selling them with a $5 coupon. (Here's where to look for it on Amazon's product page.) Paired with a price drop on the black Latitudes that brings them to $27, the coupon makes the final price $23. Still not too bad a deal.  

“In a sea of cheap Amazon listings, you’d be forgiven for skipping over them. But this pair of sweat-resistant headphones…are ultra-affordable, easy to set up, extremely low maintenance and sound great. There are no bells and whistles, but who needs them.”

Credit: Aukey

(Image credit: Aukey)

And with that, she included the $30 earbuds on our list of the Best Cheap Running Headphones Under $50. In need of some new earbuds for running, I read Caitlin’s suggestions and promptly bought the Aukey Latitude. 

Now, in anticipation of eager Black Friday shoppers, Amazon’s selling the Aukey Latitude EP-B40’s for $18.49 until around 2am tonight. 

I’ve had the Aukey’s for about two weeks now, so I can vouch for their smart design, solid audio quality, and dependable battery life. 

Caitlin’s right: the Aukey’s aren’t flashy and you might not spot them on a store shelf on account of their unassuming design, but the company built these basic buds with one very smart, thoughtful feature: a magnetic clasp. When the headphones aren’t in my ears while I’m run training or stretching, they’re neatly clasped together around my neck via two magnets at the end of each earpiece. No more stuffing a pair of flailing buds into my shirt when I need a break from music during a long workout. 

The audio quality isn’t going to wow, but the mids and highs are wide, offering the kind of sonic detail that lets you enjoy your music. The bass isn’t very strong compared to more expensive headphones, but the back-beat on Kendrick Lamar’s “X” still kicked in strong enough to put me on level 10 on a tough workout.

And they're really comfortable. The Aukey’s come with three wing-tip ear covers that lodge into the curve of your ear—but in a good way. I sweat a lot on my runs, even in the winter, but between the sweat-resistant coating and the sturdy fit of the wing-tips, I’ve had zero problem with slippage.

So don’t be like me, the guy who wasted money on good gear by buying them outside of the holiday season. If you need a pair of dependable workout buds and don’t mind medium-grade audio, the Aukey Latitude will serve you well. For $18 bucks, they’d also make a great pair of backup buds, just in case. And if you want better sound quality and don't mind wired earbuds, check out the Klipsch Koss FitClips KSC32, that are also on our Cheap Running Headphones Under $50 list.