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AT&T Launches Shareable Rollover Data

Good news for data sharks! AT&T today announced it will let Mobile Share Value customers rollover monthly leftover data at no extra cost. Starting Jan. 25 this year, your unused megabytes from each month can be added to your allowance for the next.

This move follows in the footsteps of a similar T-Mobile announcement last December that let subscribers store unused data from each month in a Data Stash. Like T-Mobile, AT&T also lets you view your rolled over data balance and share the bandwidth with those in your family plan.

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But the two carriers' programs have one big difference - instead of letting you carry over all your unused data every month to keep, AT&T''s offering just lets you hang on to unused data every month to add to the next bucket. This means that if you have 5GB leftover in your 10GB plan in February, you get an extra 5GB in March for a total of 15GB. But if you only use 2GB in March, you can only rollover the remaining 8GB to April.

T-Mobile's Data Stash lets you keep your unused data from every month for a year. So in the example above, you'd get to keep the extra 5GB from February and the 8GB in March in your bucket for a total of 13GB for use in April onwards (in addition to your 10GB line). T-Mobile subscribers have up to a year to use bandwidth in their stash, and every subscriber on a 3GB or higher plan gets 10GB free to start with.

AT&T's offer only applies to its Mobile Share Value customers, but is available at every tier and is automatically applied, so you don't have to sign up for it separately.

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