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AT&T Pushes Forward LTE Rollout

A few weeks back, when rumors were heating up about Apple and Verizon discussions, one of the bigger headlines was that Verizon would be getting its own iPhone. The reaction to that was that it would either have to be a CDMA iPhone or Verizon and Apple would have to wait until Verizon rolled out its LTE 4G wireless protocol, which is due in 2011.

Rumors are a powerful thing and it looks like AT&T isn’t about to let Verizon take away the cash cow that is the iPhone, even if that’s still two years away. The wireless carrier has announced that it will bring forward its own LTE 4G roll out, beginning trials in 2010 and deployment starting in 2011, as is the case with Verizon. In addition to that little piece of news, AT&T also announced plans to upgrade to HSPA 7.2 technology (allowing for peak speeds of 7.2 Mbps), with completion expected in 2011.

So now the race is on. With the new iPhone likely coming to AT&T this summer, current and future users will be glad the network is finally addressing 3G concerns. That said, many folks complain that the problem isn’t speed, it’s lack of coverage or little black holes where you can’t make calls that is the issue.