High-Tech Mortar Finds Targets via GPS

Long-range bombardment changed the face of war. In-your-face battles turned into crouch-and-pray foxhole camp sessions while the enemy pummeled your position with artillery. So how do you take the mortar's low-tech shellshock and turn it into modern shock-and-awe? Well if you're ATK, you give it the power of Google Maps.

Officially called the Accelerated Precision Mortar Initiative, this hyper-accurate long-range system consists of ATK's fuse-and-tailfin assembly, which straps on to a standard-issue mortar. Once GPS coordinates are fed to the Mortar Guidance Kit via induction wand, you can expect it to hit within 10 meters of your target, up to 6-7 kilometers away. At that range, you'll need less bombs to splash-damage a place to oblivion.

[via Defense Tech, Defense Industry Daily]

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