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Pint-Size Asus ROG G31 Packs Two Giant Nvidia 1080 GPUs

The Asus ROG G20 is currently one of our favorite gaming desktops, thanks to its stylish design, small footprint, and affordable VR-ready specs. But for those who want the ultimate in gaming might, a new souped up version features not one, but two of Nvidia's most powerful graphics cards.

The new ROG G31 packs dual Nvidia GTX 1080 GPUs in SLI configuration, which means that this powerful, but pint-sized desktop is VR ready and capable of smooth gaming at 4K resolutions. This mini rig supports Intel's line of Core i7 CPUs, up to 64GB of RAM, space for up to four M.2 SSDs. There's also a convenient one-button overclocking feature, so you can get the absolute top performance out of your system.

When I checked out the G31 at Computex 2016, I was happy to see that Asus didn't change up the design too much, as I'm a big fan of the futuristic Mayan-inspired detailing on the case. I do appreciate that Asus went the extra mile and created a new housing for the G31's 600-watt power supply (little box on the left), which gives the whole setup a cleaner and more united appearance.

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Asus also simplified the G31's cable management, because while the G20 features two separate power cables that run from the main case to the power supply, the G31 instead uses a single, large braided cable to connect the PC and the PSU.

While we're still waiting to hear about an official price and release date for the G31, but you better believe we're looking forward to reviewing this compact dyanamo.