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Asus’ Blue Cave Router Has a Huge Hole In It

No, no one blew a hole through the Asus Blue Cave router. It’s there by design, and it looks pretty damn good. The AC2600-class dual-band router is a white box with a huge blue circle in the middle, and it’s slick. Asus revealed the new router at the Computex trade show in Taipei.

Credit: Andrew E. Freedman / Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Andrew E. Freedman / Tom's Guide)

That hole is the key to its design, which has no antennae. It’s what Asus calls a “central aperture” that directs the signal. 

Asus says the router will ensure smooth 4K UHD streaming and fast gaming, and it also integrates into IFTTT for automated tasks in the smart home.

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Additionally, Blue Cave uses Asus’ AiProtection, a security program by Trend Micro to protect everything connected to the network from smartphones to IOT devices. The router alos lets you easily monitor network activity and control internet usage.

While Asus didn’t announce the price or availability at its press conference. Engadget is reporting that it will launch for $180.