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Asus Transformer Pad Infinity Will Arrive in July

Asus said on Monday that its new Transformer Pad Infinity tablet (TF700) is heading to the United States in the week of July 16, costing $499 for the 32 GB version and $599 for the 64 GB version. And like the other Asus Transformer tablets, the keyboard/dock accessory will cost an additional $149.

Asus claims the TF700 is the world's first Full HD Android tablet, as it sports a Full HD 1920 x 1200 Super IPS+ display protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 2. The display offers a 16:10 aspect ratio and a 178-degree viewing angle, and is backed by Nvidia's 1.6 GHz quad-core Tegra 3 T33 4-PLUS-1 SoC which also contains a 12-core GeForce GPU.

"The Transformer Pad Infinity features the gorgeous metallic spun finish that characterizes the ASUS Zen philosophy first unveiled with the Zenbook and Transformer Pad Prime, and comes in two stylish colors: Amethyst Gray and Champagne Gold," the company said. "Thanks to the forged aluminum construction, the Transformer Pad Infinity is just 8.5mm thin and weighs only 598g, meaning it can easily be carried around all day."

When combined with the Mobile Dock, the Transformer Pad Infinity "transforms" into a makeshift ultrabook, extending the battery life up to 14 hours and providing a full-blown QWERTY keyboard with multi-touch touchpad. The tablet comes with either 32 GB or 64 GB of local storage, but there's also a USB port and an SD card slot for expanding the capacity along with 8 GB of free storage on Asus WebStorage for life.

As for other specs, the tablet will arrive with a rear-facing 8MP camera sporting a large F/2.2 aperture, 5-element lens, back-illuminated CMOS sensor. It supports touch-to-focus capabilities, shallow depth of field, low light noise reduction, a wide 75-degree angle of view (28-mm equivalent focal length), and Full HD 1080p video recording at 30fps. There's also a 2MP front-facing camera for video calling via Skype or other Android-based clients.

"Running the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity offers unrivaled performance and flexibility with advanced multitasking, rich notifications, customizable home screens and deep interactivity," Asus said. "Combining this with the blisteringly fast Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, Full HD Super IPS+ display, the ultra-slim design and beautiful metallic spun finish makes the Transformer Pad Infinity the perfect mobile entertainment companion."

Additional specs include Wi-Fi connectivity, 1 GB of DDR3 RAM, a 25Wh battery (the dock has an additional 19.5Wh battery) and Bluetooth 3.0. There's also SonicMaster Sound technology, tuned by the Asus Golden Ear team, which features a combination of "advanced hardware and software designed to deliver immersive and lifelike audio."

  • ojas
    DDR3 RAM? About time. Should help with battery life.
  • rramsey718
    I wonder if they fixed the WIFI connectivity issue with that brushed aluminum case? That TF201 had loads of problems with that. Very reduced distance from the router.
  • adgjlsfhk
    Get me one.
  • Marcus52
    2 thumbs up for a 16:10 screen as opposed to 16:9!

    Can I get one with Win 8 on it? :D
  • alexmx

    Now it is MS' turn to get competitive in prices
  • skaz
    ojasDDR3 RAM? About time. Should help with battery life.
    Unfortunately it seems battery life is worse then all the previous released versions of the prime. Uses more power due to the higher rez screen and cpu. Shame too cause battery life is on the top of my list when searching for a tablet.

    rramsey718I wonder if they fixed the WIFI connectivity issue with that brushed aluminum case? That TF201 had loads of problems with that. Very reduced distance from the router.
    Wifi has been improved according to the detailed review on anandtech.
  • neodude007
    Why 1 gig o RAM? My phone now has 2 and you would think with a tablet people would have more apps running in the background. Android kills apps when its low on RAM and they have to reload (causing a laggy delay) when you click on them again thinking they are still running. Not only that but the developers need to be decent enough to program the app to open back up and give the user the appearance that it was never closed by the system.
    For the record I have the original transformer and it is not hard to tell when an app gets killed and needs to relaunch quick. And yes, people have more crap running on tablets than on phones, that is kinda the point of the tablet.
  • killerclick
    rramsey718I wonder if they fixed the WIFI connectivity issue with that brushed aluminum case? That TF201 had loads of problems with that. Very reduced distance from the router.
    There's a plastic strip on top of the back side of the device that's there to alleviate the problem with the antenna.

    Although I have to say I never liked the design of the Transformer Prime, looks like a bottom of a stainless steel pan. I actually like plastic better.
  • CaedenV
    One of my bosses has the previous version of this, and it looks like a sweet little machine... if only it wasn't ARM, and could run my x86 applications. I mean, with the dock the thing gets 14+ hours of battery life, that is plenty of battery power to put in a real CPU. Either way, it looks like they addressed my boss' 2 complaints about wifi, and resolution, so I am sure he will be jumping all over this thing.
  • ap3x
    Looks like a cool machine, unfortunately some of the reviews where not terribly impressive. I don't think it is Asus's fault at this point though. They have some good hardware on that machine. Android seems to be a dog when it comes to resource utilization. The reviews are still saying there is some studdering which is insane on a quad core with more than enough memory. Has to be a coding issue at this point. I have to agree with allot of other people. Bring on Windows 8, it is probably going to severely eat into Androids share much more so than Apples.