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Asus' Z9000 Notebook Offers Road Warrior Pretenses

Tour Of The Laptop

The Asus Z9000 is flat and level when the lid is closed. The underside does not have any large protrusions. This makes the laptop fit easily into laptop suitcases and backpacks with laptop carriers.


Front side of the Asus Z900

Audio DJ buttons

The Asus Z900 comes with an Audio DJ Function that makes it a CD player when the computer is off. Yes, this makes the laptop into the world's most expensive CD player, but it is an interesting feature to have. The switches for CD play are located on the front of the notebook. You turn on the feature by sliding a switch to the right. The volume cannot be changed while using the Audio DJ function.

Audio ports

Speakers are located on the front left and right sides. The speakers provide adequate sound, but you may want to spring for external speakers if you want louder bass. Audio ports for headphones, mic, and line-in are located on the front of the laptop.