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Use This Watch to Open James Bond's Car

There are benefits to being James Bond aside from having a license to kill. You get to match wits with dastardly villains, thwart goofy-looking henchmen, bed beautiful ladies, and enjoy a glass of martini, shaken, not stirred. Aside from the aforementioned women, perhaps the two best things going for Mr. Bond, are his sleek cars and fancy gadgets. Aston Martin owners can now be the proud owner of both, thanks to this elegant timepiece by Jaeger-LeCoultre.

The AMVOX2 DB9 might as well be the brainchild of MI6 inventor Q. At first, it looks nothing more than a rather stylish watch fit for the world's most eligible secret agent. But when it's time to hightail it after the doomsday device explodes, AMVOX2's espionage roots come into play.

The built-in transponder ensures you maintain your suave composure, and not like the average Joe fumbling around the car park. A quick button press blinks your Aston Martin DB9's lights to let you know exactly where it is. Another button press unlocks the doors, and one more locks it when you're back at MI6 Headquarters, or your recently-rescued damsel's secret island hideaway.

The $24,000 price tag may seem like it's got a few 00's attached, but it's no object if you're the type of gentleman who already owns Aston Martin's luxury sedan. Visit your local Q, and be sure to make a boldfaced lie about not trashing the car later on.

[source: Aston Martin via Crave]