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Are Gaming Notebook Vendors Afraid of MobilityGuru?

Fear Or Famine?

So, what are we to conclude? Are gaming notebook vendors afraid of MobilityGuru? If so, what are they afraid of? Or is it something else?

Could it be the vendors are afraid we'd look at their products in a careful, rigorous way and severely criticize them? Most of the gaming notebooks we and our audience would like to see evaluated look pretty good on paper. Unless these products are made of tissue paper and glue, they should stand tall in the bright light of a MobilityGuru gaming notebook evaluation.

Maybe gaming notebook vendors think MobilityGuru is some fly-by-night Web operation set up to scam mobile computer vendors out of evaluation loaners. Nothing could be farther from the truth. MobilityGuru is TG Publishing's very popular portable computing website. TG Publishing also operates the venerable (soon to be 10 years old) Tom's Hardware site. There are no excuses for gaming notebook vendors in that information.

Hey, gaming notebook vendors, do the connectors on your notebooks compare favorably with those on Dell's XPS M1710?

And, what sort of cool features do your notebooks offer? Dell's M1710 lets users change the color of speaker, back panel and air exhaust vent lights.

Maybe vendors aren't scared. Perhaps they don't have enough spare computers to loan one out for evaluation. Well, if that's the case, I'd be very, very careful about ordering anything from one of them. If they don't have one measly spare evaluation unit, then I wouldn't give them a cent until they delivered the goods.