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Archos Gmini 220


What do we really want a portable media player to do? The ideal player would offer a a 20 GB hard drive, good musical sound quality, a superb screen with which to view photos and a memory card reader to transfer them with. And if we could view DivX too without ruining your eyesight, things would be perfect. The Gmini 220 does not do all that - yet.

The Gmini 220 is instead a blueprint for future portable devices. It is really very small (67x78x23mm) and has a 1.8" hard drive of 20 GB, the Hitachi C4K40 running at 4200 rpm, with a theoretical transfer rate of up to 29 MB/s and an average access rate of 15 milliseconds. The disk weighs just 49 grams. With only 170 grams of battery included, it can't be said the Gmini 220 weighs your pocket down either. Size and weight are no longer a drawback when you are on the move.