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Archos' AV 400 Nine-Ounce Personal Video Recorder, TV and More

Useful Convergence

The AV 400 fixes to the base by mere pressure. You then need to connect a socket. It's a little tricky and you need to make sure that it doesn't get damaged through frequent use.

On the other hand, Archos had a great idea of allowing the pivoting base, and thus the AV400 itself, to be moved up or down depending on the position of the base, whether it is on top or underneath the TV.

Archos includes a remote control that operates the device through the base station. It is used when the AV 400 is connected to a TV. It's very complete, and first of all it lets you switch the image on the device to the TV. Furthermore, all the player functions are accessible through the remote, which uses the same navigation logic of the AV 400 keys with the same identification. You need to get used to it but that won't take long. Over time, you'll be able to use the AV 400 just as if it were your living room VCR.

Even More Options!

The Archos optional travel connector kit, comprising a bi-directional adaptor and a Cinch audio/video cable, lets you record or replay to or from a TV while you are on the move. The price has not yet been set but ought to be around $40/40 euros. The AV 400 also comes with a sturdy case that offers extra damage protection when you are in transit.