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Apple Watch Now $299 with New Bands

The Apple Watch is, according to Apple, the best-selling smartwatch in the world. Thanks to a $50 price drop, that's likely to continue to be true. The Apple Watch now costs $299, and will come with a new line of bands in new colors and materials starting from $49.

At its original $350 starting price, the Apple Watch was one of the more expensive smartwatches available. Android Wear watches start at about $199 or so, depending on deals, while industry pioneer Pebble has watches starting at $99. 

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Apple said at its March 21 event that a third of Apple Watch wearers regularly change their bands. To offer more options, Apple is releasing a new band material variant, woven nylon, in addition to the existing rubbery sport band, leather and stainless steel milanese loop. Among the new color options is a black milanese loop that looks super sexy.

The new woven nylon straps are available in seven colors at $49 each, while the new black milanese loop band costs the same $149 as the existing silver one.