How to Use and Personalize Your Apple Watch

Switch Between Apple Watch Apps

Jumping back and forth between apps is something we're all accustomed to on our phones, but it can be useful on the Apple Watch, too. By default, you can jump back to the Home screen and select a different app. But watchOS 3 adds a new convenient method for quickly accessing your apps — the Dock. You can also jump back and forth between  the most recent two apps you've used by double-pressing the Digital Crown.

Here's how to master the different methods of jumping between apps.—Dan Moren and Philip Michaels

Use the Dock to Switch Between Apps.

The Dock holds 10 apps — either those you've designated to stay in the Dock or recently opened apps. Here's how to use the Dock to switch to another app.

1. Open the Dock by pressing the side button just below the Digital Crown.

2. Swipe up or down until you've found the app you want to use.

3. Tap the app you want to use.

Jump Between Two Apps

Here's a quick shortcut for rapidly switching between two different apps.

1. Launch an app. In this case, we'll use Calendar.

2. Press the Digital Crown to return to the app screen.

3. Launch another app — Activity in this case.

Now when you double-press the crown, you'll return to that first app.

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  • USteele
    "For vegans who still appreciate the refined look of leather, the Etsy Minimalist and Zen Watch Strap may be just the ticket. Available in 38 mm or 42 mm, it's made of a tanned vegetable material… " Oh gosh, no! It's vegetable tanned leather, not "vegetable material." Not vegan. I think you might need an edit on this description.
  • Nunya2
    WAAAAAYYYY too many taps and defeats the whole purpose of the watch.

    Instead, rotate the Apple Watch up to activate it and use Siri and say:

    "Hey Siri. Send a text message to John Doe that says see how easy this is exclamation point you don't even have to touch the Apple Watch period cool comma huh question mark."

    Siri will launch the Message app, create a text to John Doe that reads "See how easy this is! You don't even have to touch the Apple Watch. Cool, huh?" The message will stay on the screen for about 30 seconds with the option to cancel. After that time, if you haven't canceled, the text message is sent.

    THAT'S the power of the Apple Watch!
  • angelsaysno
    THANK YOU this was very helpful!