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Here's What Apple Watch's Companion App Looks Like

The long-anticipated Apple Watch could be mere weeks away, and we're finally getting a look at how you'll set the wearable up from your iPhone. 9to5Mac has an exhaustive breakdown of the smartwatch's "Companion" app, which is expected to launch as part of iOS 8.2 in time for Apple's debut wearable.

You'll customize the app icon layout of your Apple Watch's home screen from your iPhone, much in the same way you can rearrange your iPhone apps on iTunes from your PC. The software also seems to support a Monogram feature, which lets you add up to a four-letter stamp to your device's watch face to give it a bit more personal flair.

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On the messaging front, you'll be able to choose between voice dictation and audio replies as your default form of answering texts. Default replies will make getting back to friends quicker. You will be able to toggle message alerts and receive read receipts as well.

The Companion app will let you customize your Apple Watch fitness experience, with the option to toggle activity goal notifications and "stand reminders," the latter of which will nudge you to get up if you've been sitting too long. You can choose the frequency at which Apple Watch sends you an activity progress update, and can decide whether the wearable will log your heart rate, body movement or both.

Apple Watch's privacy settings seem similar to that of the iPhone; you'll be able to set up a four-digit passcode for the wearable, which will be required if you want to use the watch to authorize an Apple Pay payment. You'll have the option to unlock the watch by unlocking your iPhone, and can have the Apple Watch wipe itself if someone types the incorrect password on it 10 consecutive times.

Also like the iPhone, Apple Watch appears to have a range of accessibility features. You can have the device read aloud any text that's on the screen, and those who have a hard time seeing can toggle settings such as reduced motion, grayscale mode and bold text.

Based on 9to5Mac's deluge of screenshots, setting up an Apple Watch should be a painless experience for anyone already familiar with their iPhone. Apple's first-ever smartwatch is expected to hit stores by March, and will start at $350.

Source: 9to5Mac