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Coolest Rumored Apple Watch 2 Feature Gets Axed

So much for cutting the ties that bind the Apple Watch to the iPhone.

The next version of the Apple Watch was rumored to include cellular connectivity, a feature that would have allowed you to make phone calls and connect to cellular networks without going through your iPhone. However, Bloomberg reports that Apple has run into a roadblock adding a cellular connection the Apple Watch 2.

The problem? Cellular connectivity eats up a lot of battery life — so much so that it would impact the Apple Watch's usability, Bloomberg reports. Apple's current watch promises 18 hours of battery life, enough to get most people through the day before charging it overnight. Imagine having to remove your watch mid-day to get it to charge, and you can understand while Apple might want to put such a battery-draining feature on hold.

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It's still a shame, though, because expanding the Apple Watch's ability to download data and get notifications all on its own without having an iPhone nearby would certainly expand the smartwatch's appeal, perhaps even convincing people that held off on getting the first version of the Apple Watch to finally take the plunge.

Instead, Bloomberg reports, Apple is going back to the drawing board lower-power cellular components to work into a future version of the Apple Watch. In the meantime, the report continues, Apple will focus on adding other new features, such as GPS and health-focused features.

That squares with other reports about features slated for the Apple Watch 2, which many are expecting to be a more fitness-focused device. Apple has hinted at as much with the watchOS 3 software it previewed during its developer conference earlier this summer. Apple plans to expand the watch's Activity app to let you compete and cheer on other users, add a stress-management app that includes breathing exercises and improve the quick start feature for workouts.