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Apple Watch 2 Battery Boost Could Make It Worth Buying

There's lots of new features reportedly coming to the Apple Watch 2, but none of them will matter if it still dies at the end of the day. Based on a new leaked image, the sequel could have the staying power shoppers have been hoping for.

Obtained by AppleInsider and posted on Chinese site Weibo, a photo of what appears to be an Apple Watch 2 battery has a capacity of 334 milliamp hours (mAh), compared to 246 mAh for the current 42mm Apple Watch model. The Samsung Gear S2 sports a 250 mAh battery, but there's a new Gear S3 on the way that will likely beef up in the inside too.

According to Apple, the Apple Watch has a rated battery life of 18 hours, which proved to be accurate in our review, but I still found that I needed to recharge it each night along with my phone. If the capacity is indeed increasing to 334 mAh, it's possible that you might not need to plug in come bedtime, especially if watchOS 2 proves to be more efficient in terms of power management.

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Although the Apple Watch reportedly won't offer 3G or 4G connectivity, it's expected to offer a slew of other upgrades beyond more endurance. This includes built-in GPS (which is great for runners), a faster processor and a barometer.

In addition, the Apple Watch 2 will likely be water resistant, which means you'll be able to use it in the shower, though it's not clear whether you'll be able to take it for a swim.

Apple is expected to introduce the Apple Watch 2 at its Sept. 7 iPhone 7 event. Will you be picking one up? Tell us in the comments.