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Apple Rewards Top Execs With Tons of Stock Options

Peter Oppenheimer (CFO), Bruce Sewell (general counsel), Phil Schiller (SVP of marketing), Scot Forstall (SVP iPhone software engineering), Robert Mansfield (SVP hardware engineering) and Jeffrey Williams (SVP operations) were granted 150,000 stock options with a current value of $59.8 million each. Eduardo Cure (SVP Internet Services) received 100,000 shares valued at about $40 million. Half of the shares vest on June 21, 2013 and the other half on March 21, 2016.

CEO Tim Cook was previously granted a nearly $400 million stock option grant with 500,000 Apple shares vesting on August 24, 2016 and another 500,000 on August 24, 2021.

Including previous stock options, Cook received a 2010 compensation of about $59.1 million, Oppenheimer ended up with about $29.8 million, Sewell with about $29.7 million, Schiller got $11.7 million, Mansfield about $14.0 million and Forstall about $13.8 million.

  • soccerdocks
    I don't care.
  • sixdegree
    Apple should patent the method of rewarding executives with stock option.
  • Ragnar-Kon
    I bought my brother an iPod 3 years ago for his birthday. I can has stock option too?

    Seriously though, that is a TON of money. I know stock options are supposed to motivate people to make the company better, but when you talking that kind of money I'm not sure it is really effective.
    Wonder if they ever thought to reward the engineers that actually design & build their products with stock options. And while they're at it reward the marketing team because they are what brings in Apple's millions.
  • Lpusedyou
    cool story bro
  • chumly
  • SoiledBottom
    How will they ever survive
  • gokanis
    Sell the stock and buy a Samsung phone, lol.
  • webbwbb
    chumlycriminals."I no have moneys! He have of them moneys! He am criminal!"

    I do not get this attitude... Unless you are talking about their general business practice of suing all competition out of existence, in which case I owe you an apology.
  • ewood
    sixdegreeApple should patent the method of rewarding executives with stock option.haha not bad
  • beayn
    Meanwhile, the people who make Apple products live in shitty conditions with minimal pay.