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San Francisco Gives Apple A Cold Shoulder After EPEAT Pullout

San Francisco city officials said that they are now taking steps to block Apple computers from municipal purchases as a result of the EPEAT announcement.

Since a city policy passed in 2007 requires all 50 city agencies to only buy EPEAT-certified computers and monitors, it is likely that San Francisco will, in fact, not buy Apple products anymore, even if exceptions are possible through a rather complex process.

EPEAT has said that it hopes Apple will be reconsidering its decision because of San Francisco's cold shoulder. However, Apple remained mum on the reasons of dropping out of the registry. There was no specific complaint, which raised speculation that the design of future products may not qualify for the EPEAT certification anymore.

It is reasonable to assume that Apple has anticipated such problems and the negative financial impact of a few thousand computers not being purchased anymore may be acceptable against the benefit of new design solutions that may sell significantly more computers. It's thought that the fact that the company's computers are increasingly difficult to take apart is one of the reasons for its about-face on EPEAT registration.