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Apple Pay Going Live Oct. 18 (Report)

Apple Pay's official debut is growing closer, and possible evidence of the software's official release date keeps piling up. According to an internal Walgreens memo, Apple's first mobile payments system could debut as soon as Oct. 18.

The memo, as shared on MacRumors, asks Walgreens store managers to meet with their employees "in preparation for the launch of Apple Pay on October 18." The alleged leaked document also states that iPhone 6 owners will tap their device to "the upper portion of the pinpad" in order to pay for goods at the pharmacy's registers.

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Previous Apple Pay rumors have pointed to a similar timeframe for the software's launch, including a Bank Innovation report that claims that the mobile payment system will arrive with iOS 8.1 on Oct. 20.

First announced at Apple's iPhone 6 event in September, Apple Pay will allow iPhone 6 and 6 Plus owners to store their payment cards digitally and use their phones to pay for products at supporting locations, including McDonalds and Whole Foods. The feature will come to the non-NFC-enabled iPhone 5, 5s and 5c once the Apple Watch hits shelves sometime next year.

Apple Pay's rumored launch date is just days after the company's Oct. 16 press event, where we may see a Touch ID-enabled iPad Air 2 that supports Apple's new mobile payment system. The mystery behind Apple Pay's official launch should be solved sometime this week, so stay tuned.

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