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Apple Considered World's Best Brand

Voters ranging from business professionals to students agreed that Apple’s influence on consumer electronics as well as other types of businesses was on that they most respected. Creating such influential services such as iTunes, online high-definition movie rentals and products such as the iPod and iPhone, Apple dominated its competitors and is considered by most voters as the brand they "cannot live without."

"[Apple is] the only one I can think of that i truly couldn’t replace — in work or in entertainment. With any other brand that I love, there’s some other one I can turn to if it disappeared. But not Apple," said one voter.

Other voters felt that Apple clearly understood its customers, and is right on track with what consumers demand. Some voters even felt that if they were to be called a brand, Apple would be one that they would want to be seen as.

"Because I like to come at things differently. I chose to ’think different.’ This is what I offer my clients: a different way to look at and think about their business," mentioned a voter.

In terms of portable music players, Apple has been the number one choice on the minds of most consumers for the last several years. Even though their were plenty of other portable music players out on the market, Apple has remained successful due to its tight integration with the iTunes music player as well as its iTunes online music store — which remains the top choice for online music purchases today. A report by the Wall-Street Journal last year indicated that online music sales increased 50% year over year, and traditional CD sales declined at a rate of 20% a year.

With computer products, Apple too has gained significant market share in the past several years. With successful releases such as the MacBook Pro, MacBook, AppleTV and now the MacBook Air, Apple is clearly redefining itself year after year. But the company does take risks. For example, when Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced for the first time that his company would be switching over to Intel processors from a long tradition of Power, many analysts expected hardcore Apple fans to revolt. Surprisingly, Jobs announcement was very well received and proved to be a the right choice for the company in the long run.

Out of the top five brands that inspires the most from consumers, Apple also ranked as number one, beating out companies like Google, Sony, IKEA, and Starbucks. On the list of brands that consumers would most like to have revamped, Microsoft took the top spot, followed by the United States of America — yes, the country.

Apple’s impact on the computer industry is one that’s be gaining momentum ever since its very first desktops were introduced more than three decades ago. In fact, most felt that if Apple existed 100 years ago, the course of history would have been forever altered for the better.

In related news, Apple’s iPhone is set to reach another milestone later this year. Industry experts are expecting Apple to release its next-generation 3G iPhone in the June/July time frame. Apple is expected to begin production of the high-speed iPhone in May of this year.