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Microsoft Deals Office Service Pack For Mac


Redmond (WA) - Microsoft has unveiled its first Service Pack for the Mac version of Office 2008, adding new features and security enhancements to the Apple-specific release of the productivity software suite.

A couple of the bugs that pertain to all Office products were that text boxes and certain shapes would periodically mess up a file, and when copying an Office 2008 file into an Office 2004 program the software would freeze. Service Pack 1 patches these issues.

In Word 2008, SP1 fixes problems with the Notebook Layout View, including background settings and format changes. There is also a new set of business card templates. For Powerpoint, it enhances stability with Microsoft Sync and fixes issues pertaining to e-mail and Internet connectivity.

Finally, the Excel updates include new chart fortmatting options that were in previous versions of the software but not in 2008. Additionally, compatibility issues when saving have been fixed and when the formula bar is changed, the changes will be saved.

Mac Office 2008 users can download the update from Microsoft’s website and it is now available through the company’s Auto Update service.