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Apple iPod Nano: The Smallest MP3 Player with A Color Display

Weighs Only One And A Half Ounces, And Has A Color Display

Last week, Apple unexpectedly presented the successor to its popular iPod Mini, and in so doing, surprised even the firm's most loyal fans. The secrecy was perfect, since the new MP3 player weighs only a third of the already-compact iPod Mini: 1.48 ounces (42 g). THG had an opportunity to subject one of the first press samples to a practical test, and of course we took advantage of it!

This new iPod is so small and thin that it resembles a large credit card, and is available in either black or white. Because of its ultra-compact dimensions, in particular the extremely flat design, it fits into any pocket or sports jacket. Even a light summer suit works well, due to the minimal weight; it is precisely this criterion that is not always met by various competitors. Compared to the preceding iPod Mini, the five control keys on the iPod Nano are even smaller - but as if to compensate, there is now a color display featuring a 1.5" (38 mm) diagonal picture and 187x132 pixel resolution. Besides showing song titles and names, the display can also show photos, though this is of course not always entirely useful due to its size.

Even the outside is nice to look at: iPod Nano - in our test configuration in black; it also comes in white.