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Ubisoft: Apple's the New Player in Video Games

Everyone was skeptical when rumors emerged during the early part of this decade that Microsoft was looking to get into your living room with a gaming console. Now the Xbox 360 is a major player in the video game industry.

Although the video game segment already has its fanboyism, things would be even more electrifying if Apple decided to enter the games arena to compete with Microsoft and Sony not only in computers and music players.

Apple entering into the video game market isn’t a new theory, nor is it something unheard of. In fact, Apple already is part of the handheld gaming market, albeit in the casual way, with the games sold on the iTunes App Store for the iPod Touch and iPhone. But is that as far as Apple will take it? Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot doesn’t think so.

“There's also a new entrant in the business,” said Yves Guillemot during an earnings call, quoted in a Kotaku story. “[That entrant is] Apple, with the iPhone. And we don't think they will stop there.”

Nobody really knows how far Apple will push into the video games market, but given how popular game downloads are on the App Store, Apple’s a bigger player than most realize.