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Rockstar Denies GTA Coming to iPhone

There's something fishy going down in regards to Grand Theft Auto and Apple's iPhone. But before this report gets any further, let's make it clear that Rockstar Games is in a state of denial, or rather, has denied that it has anything to do with recent reports of GTA appearing on Apple's device, according to TechRadar UK. As the series' sole publisher, it's unlikely that any GTA games will appear without Rockstar's stamp of approval.

However, the recent interest in GTA for the iPhone originally ignited due to a teaser video located at The video itself is embedded within an iPhone setting that, in turn, is set against a familiar GTA-style backdrop. The footage looks convincingly enough, showcasing a great CGI sequence depicting a bank heist and the resulting police chase through a metropolitan area. In fact, one scene even depicts the top-down view used in GTA: Chinatown. At the end, the video announces that the mystery game will arrive in Summer 2009.

But, as previously stated, Rockstar denies that it's GTA, and the video does not feature Rockstar's logo overlay or any mentions of the GTA series. Still, a clever "teaser" video doesn't give any obvious hints, but rather has a single mission to annoy fans until the next installment. That could very well be the case here, and Rockstar's denial could be part of an overall bigger tease. With larger IPs hitting the iPhone such as Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Doom, and even Myst, GTA would certainly be a welcome edition (if it makes it through Apple's top-notch approval system, that is).

Pocket Gamer on the other hand, still thinks GTA is a possibility, as apparently there was mention of an iPhone-based GTA game during Leipzig last year. Perhaps Rockstar will change its mind in the near future, however until then, we'll be scratching our heads and wondering just what exactly is coming to the iPhone this summer. Take a peek at the GTA-style video and tell us what you think! As the teaser site states, 'you have no idea what's coming on the iPhone.'

If it's a real game at all, that is.