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AT&T Selling Second Wave Of iPhone 3G Shipments

The iPhone 3G was sold out at every location we checked in the Chicago area this afternoon, but just in case you were in line and did not get an iPhone - or if you decided not to stand in line at all, there is an interesting option. AT&T has begun selling the second wave of iPhone 3G shipments via "direct fulfillment orders." Customers agreeing to a sales agreement today were given the promise to get their phones within three to five days.

That actually may be the much more convenient option to standing in line over night and waiting for Apple’s App Store servers to catch up with consumer demand to activate their phones. According to media reports up to six millions users may have been stuck in a queue to get their iPhone activated early Friday afternoon.

Sales associates told us that consumers can sign up for an iPhone today and would receive a call when their phone is available. Of course, you can simply wait without signing up, but in this case, AT&T will not call any potential customers.

The iPhone 3G went on sale in 22 countries around the globe this morning.