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Apple Bookmarks Spark Ereader Rumors

Apple's plans for an ereader/tablet have been making headlines for a while now and the company's decision to hand out bookmarks to trick or treaters this past weekend has done nothing to stop the rumors.

iPhoneSavior reports that the Bellevue Apple store handed out a few hundred Nano-sized bookmarks to a massive swarm of kids on Saturday evening. Ignoring the fact that some parents took their kids trick or treating at the Apple store (why?), the bookmarks have sparked rumors about Apple plans for an ereader. iPhoneSavior believes it could Apple be hinting at an e-book reader.

However, while some believe it was a Halloween hint of a product to come, we'd be more inclined to believe that the magnetized bookmarks are an definitive answer for all those asking of the company is planning an ereader. Then again, that could be because compared to tablets, we just think ereaders are kind of boring.

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