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You Can Rinse Aorus's New Mechanical Keyboard in the Sink

Let's face it. Your mechanical keyboard is a dirty germ farm.  The key caps are covered in fingerprint grease and an unsavory mix of dust, hair and mystery crumbs lies beneath them.

You could could painstakingly remove all the keys and wipe everything down a regular basis, but who has the time? Aorus's new K9 Optical is a mechanical keyboard that you can rinse down in the sink or even, briefly, dunk under water to clean.

Due out this summer for $130, the K9 Optical looks and functions just like any other high-end gaming keyboard. It comes with your choice of red or blue switches and its keys have a highly customizable RGB backlight which you can configure per key.

We had an opportunity to view a demo of the K9 Optical and were impressed with just how much water it can take. Aorus placed its keyboard in a water chamber with a constant flow of liquid hitting the keys and the keyboard remained lit and we were able to type on it.

Of course, its ability to withstand a water onslaught doesn't matter if the K9 Optical isn't a great mechanical keyboard and, from what we saw, it looks like a winner. The keys on the demo model had a comfortable feel and the keys displayed a vibrant light show.

Best of all, you know that as you're typing or gaming away on the colorful keys, you can spill a drink without destroying your investment.

Image Creidt: Craig Ferguson / Tom's Guide

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