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AOL Brings Open Source Platform To Mobile Phones

Barcelona (Spain) - AOL has unveiled its own mobile software package called the AOL Open Mobile Platform, including mobile versions of its online applications.

"The new open platform will help stimulate innovation by providing developers with ready access to the tools and source code they need to build and distribute applications across all major mobile device platforms and operating systems including BREW, Java, Linux, RIM, Symbian, and Windows Mobile," said AOL in a statement.

AOL made the announcement at this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. In addition to providing easier access for developers to create their own mobile applications, AOL will incorporate its e-mail and video service into the platform, as well as other Internet applications it owns like Mapquest, Winamp and Userplane.

The new initiative from AOL comes as rival Internet company Google is also working on an open-source mobile platform. Google’s "Android" platform is gaining much of the attention at this week’s mobile event.

The AOL Open Mobile Platform is expected to roll out this summer.