Anova's Sous Vide Machine Now Just $99

Senior Editor, Tom's Guide

There are a lot of deals to be found during Amazon's Prime Day, but this one in particular got our mouths watering. Anova's Precision Cooker—our favorite sous vide machine—is just $99, down from $149.

For those who don't know what sous vide is, it's a cooking method whereby you place whatever it is you plan to cook inside a vacuum-sealed bag, and submerge it in a heated water bath for an extended period of time. This helps ensure that your food is never overcooked, and, in the case of steak and other proteins, it helps break down tough connective tissue, so that everything comes out exceptionally juicy and tender.

What a sous vide machine like Anova's does is make sure that the water bath stays at a precise temperature during the entirety of the cooking process. it machine is also Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi enabled, and connects to an app on your smartphone, where you can monitor its progress and get recipes from Serious Eats. The company makes two models, a Bluetooth version, which is now just $99, and a Wi-Fi model, which is marked down to $129, from $199.

UPDATE: The deal for the Wi-Fi version has ended, but the Bluetooth model is still available.

We'll be highlighting the best Amazon Prime Day Deals all day here at Tom's Guide, so be sure to keep checking back frequently.

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