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Anonymous Retaliates for LulzSec Arrests, Hacks Panda Security

In retaliation, the main page of of security software company Panda Labs was compromised and replaced with a page that complains about Hector Xavier Monsegur, who "snitched" and led the FBI to his "sons".

The message, however, is much more explicit toward Panda Security, which Anonymous claims has a backdoored antivirus software that is being exploited. The company was singled out by the group as being supportive to police authorities and being instrumental in the arrest of 25 Anonymous members. 

We were not able to verify any of the claims, but it is apparent that both view the other as a major pain in the neck.

The infamous LulzSec group disbanded on June 15, 2011 after 50 days of activity with major hacks: The group broke into the X Factor USA contestant database, hacked the PBS web site, Sony Pictures and Sony's developer network, the U.S. Senate, the CIA website, Stratfor, as well as the Arizona Department of Public Safety site.

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