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Anonymous Attacks Nazis in Germany

Hackers took down Deutsche Stimme, the publication of the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), an extreme right wing party that is under permanent government scrutiny for its activities. The Nazi platform Altermedia remained unreachable into Monday and Thule Gesellschaft surrendered immediately and closed down its site following the threat of an attack.

"Because of a massive increase of hacker attacks against our site we decided to switch to a highly secure operating system," Thukle Gesellschaft wrote on its website. Anonymous announced new attacks via its Twitter feed over the past few days and is publishes its next targets via its "Operation Blitzkrieg" and the results on the new website The page recently reveals a list of people, including their addresses, who donated to NPD, as well as customers of stores that distribute right wing products.

There was no information whether Anonymous retrieved the data via its attacks. A speaker for NPD told Focus magazine that the party is still investigating the events, but will be filing charges against the attackers. NPD considers hacking to be "criminal behavior", the speaker said. It is not the first time that NPD is targeted in such attacks. Back in May 2011, hackers of the "No-Name Crew" took down 25 different NPD sites.