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Angry Birds: No Money In Android Market

Peter Vesterbacka, creator of the Angry Birds megaselling smartphone game said that "nobody has been successful selling content on Android."

Vesterbacka is in line with other developers we have talked before, including Ortwin Gentz, who built the successful WhereTo app for the iPhone. Gentz told me that he just does not believe that Android users will pay for apps like iPhone users do and that Apple's App Store will remain the most lucrative place for paid apps for the time to come. Vesterbacka said that "free is the way to go on Android. […] We will offer a way to remove the ads by paying for the app, but we don’t expect that to be a huge revenue stream.” 

According to Vesterbacka, “Apple will be the number one platform for a long time from a developer perspective, they have gotten so many things right. And they know what they are doing and they call the shots." He noted that Android's problem is not so much device fragmentation, but a fragmentation of the ecosystem: " So many different shops, so many different models. The carriers messing with the experience again." However, he has learned to take advantage of that opportunity and chose the GetJar to launch the most recent release. He got more than 15 million downloads so far.   

So the message for developers is that paid apps work better on the iPhone. The general recipe for success remains the same: Vesterbacka said that you will need a great app first and then find a way to "get the message out."