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Google's Data Suggests Tablet Usage is Under 1% of Android

Is there a tablet market or is it just an iPad market? The fact is that we don't know, as there are no actual sales numbers available from manufacturers. We have to go by industry rumors as well as reports from market researchers, one of which recently stated that Android tablets may have a 30 percent share at this time - and we also heard that Asus EeePad may be shipping more than 400,000 units per month.

However, the actual Android tablets in use may be far below those numbers and the total number of Android tablets in use today could be negligible, if we believe Google's own numbers. Android Market access data suggest that devices with screen sizes of 7 inches or greater had just 0.9 percent share in early July. If we assume that this number is tied to the number of 135 million Android devices activated so far, it could mean that there are only 1.2 million Android tablets in use at this time - and shipment versus sales has an especially important meaning to Android. Could Android tablets be flooding the market and meeting very little demand? Possibly.

Of course, that is speculation, but Google's silence on tablet-specific numbers as well as a lack of Android tablet sales data are not encouraging either.