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Funky ''Flip'' Phone Concept Has Three Sides

Kristian Larsen's "Flip" phone concept over at Yanko Design, definitely isn't your typical flip phone. The name may be fitting for the phone, but none of us would expect to see a phone do this kind of flipping.

Sporting three beautiful super AMOLED screens, this flashy phone has tons of unique uses. In its triangular position, the phone looks and works like your typical alarm clock or docked phone sitting comfortably on your night stand. It can even be used as a mini video player in this configuration. When the fancy "Flip" phone isn't being used in the triangular position, one of the phone's screens is tucked away between the other two, giving the phone a more conventional and convenient shape for travel.

Aside from the numerous practical uses of the phone in its triangular or conventional shape, the phone can even be used as a dual-screened, open face surface, perfect for ebook reading. One of the downsides of having a phone made up of thin screens is definitely the durability and longevity of the device. Luckily, Larsen has got us covered there with the phone's Gorilla Glass screen covers and steel mesh links connecting the screens.

Another awesome feature of this design is the LED lit keyboard behind one of the screens. This keyboard allows you to turn your "Flip" phone into a tiny laptop and with a front-facing camera, you can even do some hands free video chatting. In addition to all of the Flip's many shapes and uses, the Android OS the phone is running will be sure to please many.

Check out the video here.

Tell us what you think of Larsen's design below.

Photos via Yanko Design