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An Easy-Upgrade for Notebook Hard Drives

External Drive Case & Cloning Software = EZ-Upgrade Kit, Continued

The drive has been installed into the retention system, which has already been joined to the case cover in this picture.

Afterwards, the drive is attached to the lower part of the retention system using the screws that come with the case. Then, the upper half of the case, the drive bracket (with the attached drive), and the lower half of the case are reassembled. A screw on the bottom of the case holds the two halves together.

The next step is, obviously, connecting the case to the notebook using the USB cable. Since Windows XP recognizes the drive as a plug-and-play device, no driver installation is necessary.

The connectors on the back of the assembled case.

Should the USB port be unable to supply enough current to the drive for it to operate, the external AC adapter can be used as an alternative power supply. The switch for choosing the power source (PC/AC) can be found on the back of the case.

Drivers for notebooks using older operating systems, such as Windows 98SE/ME, are also included. Now all that remains is the installation of the EZ-Gig II backup software from the CD.