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Amphibious Vehicle Concept Makes Bond Drool

Designer David Cardoso Loureiro has created an electric vehicle concept that appears to have come straight from a future James Bond film. Called the Manta, Loureiro's single seater ev concept features two electric motors located in each of the rear wheels. While on land, the Manta acts as a typical three-wheeled vehicle. In the water, the rear wheels turn 90 degrees and act as blades to propel the Manta.

Whether you're an international spy or just a person who loves the beach, the Manta concept seems like it'll provide plenty of fun. Sadly there are no technical specs to show off how fast this amphibious concept will go but this definitely wouldn't be the most farfetched of vehicle concepts. One thing's for sure, expect to see the Manta in some high speed spy-flicks if it ever goes into production.