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AMD Is Filling Up The C-Level Ranks, Hires New CIO And CMO

Sunnyvale (CA) - AMD has been going through a rough period for quite some
time now and in our previous story, but the company has hired two new executives to turn things around.

According to latest roadmaps both product-wise and manufacturing-wise,
AMD needs to regain control of its divisions, and we are not surprised
to see new heads coming in at hardest time. Nine days after AMD hired
ex-Dell VP Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud to serve as the Chief Information
Officer, the company finally announced a successor of Henri Richard,
who departed last September.

New Chief Marketing Officer is Nigel Dessaue, former lion from the
rows of IBM and Sun Microsystems. Nigel has 22 years of experience in
the field of sales and marketing, and he’ll take charge of this
stretched and under-manned department.

We can only wonder will these hirings result in better partner
relations, because in our talks with AMD’s partners, one thing is
certain: joint projects get started and then stopped for no reason.
Also, a term "9 to 5ers" is used quite often by already mentioned
partners, regardless of talking about processors, graphics or chipset

Time will tell when AMD finally become what they mention in every
press release, a company delivering superior customer-centric