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Amazon Takes Dash Buttons Online: Here's the First Batch

Amazon's Dash Buttons are making their way to the virtual world. After offering real-life buttons that simplify ordering specific products, Amazon is adding Virtual Dash Buttons that will let you quickly find and reorder products you often buy through the company's e-retail marketplace.

Amazon's Virtual Dash Buttons

Amazon's Virtual Dash Buttons

According to Amazon, the Dash Buttons are available for "tens of millions of products" available on the e-commerce site. And while the Virtual Dash Buttons are free, they're only available to Amazon Prime customers.

The e-retail giant has offered Dash Buttons to customers for quite some time. The Dash Buttons are real-life buttons that you can buy for $5. Each button corresponds to a single product, like home goods, food and others. Once you tap the button, it sends a command to Amazon to order the product without you ever needing to log into your account. And although the real-world buttons come at a cost, Amazon offers a one-time $5 discount with their order, effectively making them free.

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The Dash Buttons have proven useful in the offline world but were conspicuously missing online. Amazon offers a one-click purchase option, but you need to seek out products and choose that payment option before you can make a purchase.

Amazon says it will conveniently place the Virtual Dash Buttons on its home page. You can also find any Dash Buttons you want through a new Your Dash Buttons link on Amazon's site that will let you add Dash Buttons and sort them by category. You add Virtual Dash Buttons to your collection by going to product pages and, if that product ships with Prime, you add it it to your repository.

Once you place an order through the Virtual Dash Button, Amazon will process it and ship the products for free through Prime. You'll have 30 minutes to cancel the order if you mistakenly clicked your Virtual Dash Button, which looks a lot like the real world alternative.

It's also worth noting that whenever you buy a real-life Dash Button, Amazon will add a Virtual Dash Button for the same product in your collection so you can make purchases both offline and online and still get your product delivered.