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Amazon's $79 Kindle Gets Skinny for Beach Season

Just barely in time for beach season, the Amazon Kindle is getting a makeover. The company's $79.99 e-reader is now thinner, lighter and offers more RAM. Plus, it comes in black or white. The $119.99 Kindle Paperwhite will also come in both color options now.

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The revamped Amazon Kindle will feature 512MG of RAM (up from 256MG). The new model shaves off some 11 percent of its thickness and 16 percent of its weight for a more rounded design (6.7 x 4.7 x 0.35 inches; 5.6 ounces). Sadly, neither the Paperwhite nor the Kindle will be getting waterproof status.

The company's base model E Ink e-reader will also get a new feature for the visually impaired: built-in Bluetooth audio support. That means a new set of users will be able to access the company's VoiceView screen reader without an adapter.

All Kindles will get an over-the-air update in the coming weeks, which will enable the new Export Notes feature. This lets you send your notes and highlights as a PDF to your email for future reference. Students may find this particularly helpful.

These changes and improvements are likely to further solidify my opinion that the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the best overall e-reader and the base Kindle is your best bet on a budget. Both support, arguably, the best e-book library around, with weeks long battery life and easy-to-read screens. Both also beat out the $289.99 Kindle Oasis, despite its longer battery life and nifty case. I'll have to get the new models in for review to be sure.

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