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Amazon Primes HDR Content for Galaxy Note 7

Samsung makes some of the most powerful smartphones on the market, but raw power doesn’t mean much if you don’t have content to make the most of it. The company’s upcoming Galaxy Note 7 smartphone hopefully won’t suffer from that problem. Amazon announced today (Aug. 2) that it will provide high dynamic range video for the Note 7 — the first time that a major provider has put HDR content on a mobile device.

Amazon contacted Tom’s Guide with information about its new HDR initiative, which is part of a larger push for HDR content on Amazon’s part. For those who aren’t familiar with it, HDR is a video technology that provides better color depth on compliant screens. Streaming providers like Netflix and Amazon Video have been eager to hop on the HDR train, although Amazon points out that it was the first one to do so in May 2015.

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As far as how HDR Amazon content will work on the Note 7, there’s not much to it. Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to access Amazon original series and certain Sony films with HDR compatibility on Samsung’s new smartphone. Prime subscribers will not incur any additional costs for HDR content.

At present, users can watch shows like Mozart in the Jungle, The Man in the High Castle and Transparent in HDR, as well as movies like After Earth, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Pineapple Express. It’s not a huge selection, but Amazon aims to host 150 hours of HDR content by the end of the year.

HDR is still a relatively young technology for streaming video, but if it’s something users can enjoy on their TVs at home, it’s logical enough to provide it for them on high-resolution mobile screens as well. The Note 7 will retail for $850 unlocked, and launch in retail stores toward the end of August.