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Amazon's New Echo Look Makes Alexa the Fashion Police

Alexa, do these pants make me look fat?

Amazon's newest voice-powered device, the Echo Look, is a $199 Wi-Fi connected camera that you can use to check out how you look in your favorite outfits.

Credit: Amazon

(Image credit: Amazon)

When you say "Alexa, take a picture" or "Alexa, take a video," the Echo Look will snap a shot of you, and then upload it to the Echo Look app, where you can review what you're wearing and what you've worn in the past.

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From the app, you can share your outfits with friends to get their opinion, or use a feature called Style Check, which uses algorithms and information from stylists to see if you're committing a fashion faux pas. And, because Amazon is all about selling things, the Echo Look app will suggest clothes and designers that suit your style.

While the white Echo Look has a completely different design as the Echo, Echo Dot, and Tap, the Echo Look has all of the same functionality, such as the ability to check the weather, control smart home devices, play music, and access Alexa skills. While it has a microphone and a speaker, the size of the Echo Look would suggest audio quality is on a par with the Echo Dot. Unlike the Dot, though, you won't be able to link the Look to a Bluetooth speaker.

Credit: Amazon

(Image credit: Amazon)

Despite its camera and LED lights, the Echo Look doesn't appear to have any security camera-like features. But, for a new product, I think it's smart that Amazon is hyper-focused on one particular feature, rather than trying to come out with a device that tries to do too many things.

Getting your hands on the $199 Echo Look could be as difficult as securing a personal shopper at Henri Bendel; you have to request an invitation to get the Echo Look from Amazon.