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Amazon Echo Input Puts Alexa in Any Speaker

Not all of Amazon’s newest devices are big and flashy. Meet the Echo Input, the first Echo device without a speaker.

Credit: Mike Prospero/Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Mike Prospero/Tom's Guide)

That’s right: Alexa can hear you, and obey your commands, but it won’t bother you back.

The new device is thinner than a hockey puck (and the puck-sized Echo Dot), so you’ll be able to fit it just about anywhere, and carry it around in a pocket or purse, if you need to.

Don’t worry -- the Echo Input supports Bluetooth, meaning you can easily connect it to an external speaker to play Spotify, listen to the radio, hear the news, and everything else you love to do with Alexa. In fact, Amazon says the device is perfect for those who already have a great stereo system, but want to make it smarter.

Best of all, it’s only $39, making it even cheaper than the Echo Dot, long lauded as Amazon’s most affordable speaker.