Here's One Way to Get Two Amazon Echo Dots for $20


We’ve got to hand it to our Twitter follower @Rthomas2734. He found a clever way to get two Amazon Echo Dot smart home speakers for $20. 

Credit: Tom's GuideCredit: Tom's GuideHere’s how: Sirius XM radio is offering 6 months of radio service for $8.33 a month. If you’re interested in Sirius radio, sign up for the deal, and you’ll get a $30 coupon for the Amazon Echo.

Take that coupon code over to Amazon's Echo Dot page where you’ll see the somewhat small print that you can buy two Dots for $50. Set your quantity to 2, check out per usual and enter the $30 coupon code. Bada boom bada Echo! You’ve got yourself two of Amazon’s latest puck-shaped speakers.

We gave the third and latest generation of the Echo Dot a five-star rating because its audio quality was so vastly improved over the previous generation. Each speaker alone costs $50, and even at that price, we called the Echo “the most affordable way to get Alexa in your home”. (And you can hear how it sounds in the video below.) 

Two princely-sounding Echo Dots for $20 bucks is an outright steal. As long as you don’t mind signing up for Sirius XM radio, that is.