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Amazon's Dash Wand Leverages Alexa to Speed Up Shopping

Amazon has a new tool for you to buy groceries, find recipes, and more. And it's essentially free if you belong to Amazon Prime.

Credit: Amazon

(Image credit: Amazon)

The online retailer on Thursday (June 15) unveiled the Amazon Dash Wand. The small handheld device will let you order products from Amazon with Alexa's help. It'll also help you with recipes and convert cups to ounces so you can be more efficient while you're cooking.

Amazon Dash Wand With AlexaView Deal

And since it's Alexa-enabled, the Wand can be used to perform all of the virtual assistant's other tricks, including getting information about the weather, controlling smart home devices, and more. It won't, however, play music.

More importantly to those who want to quickly reorder grocery items, Amazon's Dash Wand comes with a built-in barcode scanner. As soon as you scan a barcode, it's automatically added to your Amazon shopping cart, allowing you to quickly reorder products around the house.

The Amazon Dash Wand, which can be magnetically attached to your refrigerator, costs $20. However, you'll get $20 off your first purchase made using the wand. You'll also get free access to AmazonFresh, the company's grocery service, for 90 days. After that, you'll be charged $15 per month.

Amazon has been working for the last few years on bringing cheap hardware to the home to make it easier for users to buy products. The initiative started in earnest in 2014 with the launch of Dash buttons, small plastic gadgets that with the tap of a button, would let you reorder a specific product. Over time, Amazon has grown its Dash button inventory to include many more products.

However, Dash buttons are limited, since they only let you order one product at a time. And in many cases, those who were using the buttons had a slew of Dash buttons they needed to keep track of.

The Dash Wand addresses that problem. With its barcode scanner and Alexa integration, it's a lot easier to re-order whatever you want.