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Alcatel to Launch Cheap Apple Watch Foe

The Apple Watch is possibly the most anticipated device for 2015, but Alcatel might have something more exciting. The company today announced the Alcatel Onetouch Watch series, which looks very similar to Apple's upcoming wrist piece, and will be priced at what the company says is "a fraction of the cost of competitors."

The Alcatel Onetouch Watch series will be compatible with Android smartphones and receive notifications, control music playback and take photos. It also carries onboard sensors and apps to let the wearer monitor her daily activities, such as steps taken. Details on what the Onetouch Watch can do are still sparse, but we expect to get a lot more information at a meeting with the company next week.

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We've already seen early iterations of Alcatel's watch at IFA 2014 and CTIA Super Mobility Week, and were impressed with its sleek design. Named the Wave, the previous smartwatch prototype was supposed to run an operating system designed by Alcatel, but it has never shipped. The prototype we examined also carried an onboard heart rate monitor on the underside, and supported NFC and Bluetooth 4.0.

The upcoming Alcatel Onetouch Watch should offer most of the features the Wave did, making it an intriguing alternative to the Apple Watch. Alcatel's device already looks much more handsome than existing Android-compatible smartwatches such as the $300 LG G Watch R. I'm also excited to see what the Onetouch Watch can do, since it is likely to run an Alcatel-made OS instead of Android Wear, which requires too much swiping. Stay tuned to Tom's Guide for more news on Alcatel's Onetouch Watch from CES in Las Vegas.

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